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Curse of Chucky review ★★★★

Curse of ChuckyReview by Stuart O'Connor
Stars Fiona Dourif, Danielle Bisutti, A Martinez, Brennan Elliott, Maitland McConnell, Chantal Quesnelle, Summer Howell
And the voice of Brad Dourif

Written by
Don Mancini

Certification UK 18 | US R
Runtime 97 minutes
Directed by Don Mancini

He's now 25 years old, but Chucky has aged pretty well. OK, he's got the odd scar or two to show for his years of terror – but hey, who hasn't? You play with knives, you're gonna get cut. Introduced in Child's Play in 1988, Chucky is now appearing in his sixth film – and he's just as nasty, as evil and as sweary as ever ... and once again he's out for blood.

Curse of Chucky takes place a few years after Child’s Play 3 (ignoring the events of Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky), and opens with wheelchair-bound Nica (Dourif, daughter of Chucky voice Brad) taking delivery of a parcel. It's a Good Guy doll, but she has no idea who sent it. Later that night, her mother dies under mysterious circumstances. She's soon visited by sister Barb (Bisutti), brother-in-law Ian (Elliot), neice Alice (Howell) and Alice's hot nanny, Jill (McConnell). Alice starts to become attached to Chucky – even seemingly conduction two-way conversations with the doll – but Nica starts to get unsettled and thinks there may be more to the Good Guy than meets the eye. When strange things start to happen, it appears that Nica may be right.

The beauty of the Chucky films is that the audience is in on the joke from the very start. As soon as the Good Guy doll turns up, you just KNOW what's going to happen – and it's going to be messy. On that front, Curse of Chucky does not disappoint. It's set in the one location, a big, rambling house in the middle of nowhere (as so many horror films tend to be) and blood flows and body parts get detatched from their owners. It's Chucky creator Mancini's second time behind the camera on this series – he's written all six films, but has only directed the previous entry, Seed – and he's a dab hand at the directing duties, building the atmosphere and tension nicely, as well as making great use of the location, the camera and the talented cast. He cleverly balances the comedy (of which there is a lot) with the scares ... and yes, there are plenty of those too.

Speaking of the cast, the lovely Dourif is quite a find. She very quickly develops Nica as a sypmpathetic yet strong-willed character, one the audience can easily identify with and root for. The supports are all strong too, particularly young Howell as Alice, and there is an especially delicious twist involving the gorgeous nanny. There are plenty of nods to the previous films, and loads of delicious surprises. The killer doll is certianly not an overcrowded sub-section of the horror genre, and it would be a shame to this being the final outing for Chucky. But if it is, he sure goes out with a bang.

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