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Fun Size review ★½

Fun SizeReview by Doug Cooper
Stars Victoria Justice, Jackson Nicoll, Thomas Mann, Jane Levy, Osric Chau, Thomas Middleditch, Chelsea Handler, Thomas McDonnell, Johnny Knoxville, Josh Pence
, Bobby Thomas
Written by
Max Werner

Certification UK 12A | US PG-13
Runtime 90 minutes
Directed by Josh Schwartz

This is a kids' movie for halloween. Teen Wren (Justice) is keen to attend the hot boy's halloween party with her best friend April (Levy). But she is unfortunately saddled with her little brother Albert (Nicoll) whom she is forced to babysit. She loses him though among the partygoers and he finds up having adventures of his own, being taken on escapades by creepy strangers such as comic book nerd Fuzzy (Middleditch) and being held captive by psycho music fan Knoxville. Meanwhile the two girls have hooked up with two spoddish guys (Mann and Chau) who try to assist them.

It's aimed at 12-year-olds and they may well be happy with this candy-toothed offering. Others beware though, as the timing is way off and the situations depicted are laborious and unfunny. Handler, though tries hard as the two leads' harried mother but she can't save this woebegone effort from being tiresome and tedious, and little Nicoll must be one of the most charmless tykes ever to be given a lead role in a movie. This is a film that tries to be cute but misses the mark entirely. For undemanding pre and early teens who find shitbombs hilarious.

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