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The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard ★

The Goods: Live Hard Sell HardReviewed by Doug Cooper
Stars Jeremy Piven, Ving Rhames, James Brolin, David Koechner, Kathryn Hahn, Ed Helms, Craig Robinson
, Jordana Spiro, Tony Hale, Ken Jeong, Alan Thicke, Charles Napier, Wendie Malick
by Andy Stock & Rick Stempson

Certification UK 15 | US R
Runtime 90 minutes
Directed by Neal Brennan

Jeremy Piven duplicates his turn as avaricious agent Ari Gold from TV's Entourage in this scattershot comedy, here playing motormouthed salesman Don Ready, again firing on all cylinders and taking on all comers when employed to overhaul a car dealership and sell all its motors over the July 4th weekend.

He and his crack tream of charlatan salespeople use any means necessary to score sales, employing a sensitive DJ (Robinson), inciting riots, and hiring pretty lap dancers. The bemused staff respond well to the team's efforts. Owner Brolin displays a fondness for Piven's number Two (Koechner), salesgirl Hahn is infatuated with Brolin's infantile son, while Piven thinks he has a long lost heir on the lot.

The attempts at low level comedy misfire on many occasions but the film's relentless in-your-face energy keeps boredom at bay. There's something curiously American about it's ability to over-ride any attempts at subtlety or nuance. Will Ferrell is one the producers and has a cameo, virtually the only amusing scene in the film, where he's seen skydiving without a parachute dressed in Abraham Lincoln garb while clutching a dildo. The sheer lunacy of its execution is persuasive but unfortunately the rest of the movie offers nothing but lame gags and toilet humour. Instantly disposable, you won't respect yourself for sitting through it.

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