ACT Test: Frequently Asked Questions

act test frequently asked questions august 2019 blogpost embedThe ACT is an entrance exam that is used for making admission decisions into many colleges and universities of the United States. The test is designed to evaluate the readiness of high school students for college. It offers a standard point to compare the applicants from different backgrounds and academic standing.

It is important to mention that the ACT is not the only prerequisite for gaining admission into a college or university. Your standardized score from this test is used with your GPA from high school and letters of recommendations from your teachers to make decision on your admission. In addition to this, interviews, personal essays, extra-curricular activities, and classes you went through in high school are also taken into account. The importance of the ACT score in the application process is dependent on the institution you are applying to. However, a higher ACT score puts you in a better position to be considered for admission in colleges.


What Is ACT Test?

American College Testing is a standardized exam that is designed for the US college admissions. The test covers four compulsory sections and one optional area. The compulsory sections are English, Math, Reading, and Science, while the optional part is Writing. The English part is made up of 75 questions, and the candidates have 45 minutes for the completion. The Math section has 60 questions with a duration of 60 minutes. The Reading and Science sections have 40 questions each and the time allotted to each of them is 35 minutes. The Writing area has only one question with 40 minutes for its completion. The exam is not free. To obtain the information about the prerequisites and exam content, you should visit the official website.

The candidates can register for the test online at least five weeks before the scheduled exam date. It is important to mention that late registration is sometimes available for up to three weeks prior to the exam. However, there is an extra fee involved for this option. The test is available seven times during the year. This includes February, April, June, July, September, October, and December. For the international students, the exam dates in July and February are not available. The New York residents also cannot take the ACT in July.

What Subjects Does ACT Test Cover?

As mentioned earlier, the test covers five sections, which include English, Reading, Math, Science, and Writing (optional). Under the English part, the topics include rhetorical skills, sentence structure, and usage/mechanics. Math covers topics, such as pre-algebra, elementary algebra, coordinate geometry, plane geometry, and trigonometry. The Reading section checks your reading comprehension skills. Science covers earthsciences, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Do You Need ACT Test?

To be considered for admission into most colleges, you need to have the ACT or SAT score. Almost all schools accept either of the two so you may choose to write the SAT instead. However, some states require the ACT for the high school students trying to get admission into college. Before you decide on the exam to write, you might want to check what type oftestthe college of your choice accepts.

How Important Is ACT Test for College Admission?

The Prepaway ACT result is not the most important criterion for college admissions. Your grades in high school and your curriculum are more important. However, the test is a metric used by colleges to evaluate the standard of your application against other candidates. Therefore, it is important that you earn a great score to stand you out. In some situations, the ACT score is the first thing the college admission officer sees before going through your application. This means you have to create a good first impression.

How Can You Register and Take ACT Test?

The official ACT website is the appropriate site to register for your ACT exam. As mentioned before, it is a paper-and-pencil administered test, which means you have to take it at a physical location. There are thousands of locations for the ACT across the world. You can check the official website of ACT to see the testing center that is close to you. Although there are numerouscenters for this exam, you might have to leave your place of residence to write the test, especially if you register later. You should check the official website to review the different centers that are nearest to you.

How Difficult Is ACT Test?

The test is not so difficult if you prepare for it well. The good news is that the exam content is learnable. With adequate practice and study, you will be able to write it with minimal difficulty. One way to easily work your way through the test is to learn the ACT math formulas. This will give you a significant edge in the Math section. Taking asample practice test that can be found at ExamSnap. That will also ensure your success in the exam and make you familiar with its format.

What Is Good ACT Score?

The highest score you can earn in your ACT test is 36. It is essential to mention that the score process is quite complex but it is something you can learn all about. The score for each section, with the exception of the Writing part, ranges from 1 to 36. The average of these scores forms your composite or total score. Basically, your raw score is not the same as your overall one, which is why we said it is a bit complicated. You can check the ACT official website for more information on how to convert the raw ACT score to aggregate it.

A good result in the ACT test can get you into the school of your dream. Therefore, you should aim to score above the average number, which is 21 or higher. If you are applying to prestigious schools, it is recommended that you achieve 30+ in your ACT exam.

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