Cop Car review (Blu-ray)

Two young boys on a hike come across what appears to be an abandoned sheriff's car in the middle of the bush. They decide to take it for a spin, little knowing that the sheriff (Bacon) is up to no good and will do anything to get his car back...

It's a slow-moving but compelling drama, beautifully shot and with some decent performances – especially from Freedson-Jackson and Wellford as the two young boys, Travis and Harrison. The two of them have run away from home (didn't we all do that at least once when we were kids?) and are on an adventure. The cop car seems like a bit of fun, but what follows is much more than these kids could have bargained for. Bacon's Sheriff Kretzer really is an enigma – just why is he doing what he is doing out there in the middle of nowhere? And who is the bloke he has locked in the trunk of his police cruiser? Plus, as an added bonus, Bacon is rocking a mo that is almost (but not quite) on par with Tom Selleck's.

Cop Car is an example of why independent cinema should never be ignored. It's simple and uncluttered, with a sense of purpose but willing to take its time getting there. The dialogue is uncomplicated and sparse, and there is a real sense of place. The direction from Watts is tight and lean, leaving the narrative to speak for itself. t will be interesting to see what he can do with the next standalone Spider-Man movie that he is slated to direct, but in the meantime, Cop Car is well worth a ride in.

EXTRAS ★★ Just two featurettes: Cop Car Tour (20:19), and Their First & Last Ride: The Making of Cop Car (2:57).

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