Jackass 3 review (DVD)

The third feature-length film – if you can call it that – from the wild and really quite warped Jackass crew is very much more of the same if you're familiar with the original television show on MTV and its movie spin-offs. And if you find these compilations of daredevil antics unreservedly hilarious from start to finish, you're likely to consider Jackass 3 a modern masterpiece of sadism and destruction.

All the usual suspects are back for another hour-and-a-half of unbridled insanity as they take part in such dubiously-titled acts as Sweat Cocktail (Steve-O drinking a cup of morbidly-obese Preston Lacy's sweat as he works out) and Bad Grandpa (Johnny Knoxville heavily made-up and sucking the face off his 18-year-old 'granddaughter' in the middle of a busy street). Yes, once again, the shameless Jackass jackasses are bad taste incarnate (no pun intended).

Some of these countless stunts are every bit as hilarious as they are disgusting, while others just aren't that funny. Being that there are just so many packed into the running time – and they're all so frighteningly crazy – you quickly become desensitised to the mayhem. Such gruesome acts aren't nearly as gross-out nor painful-to-watch when you have to sit through so many of them. The TV show worked so well because each episode was a pretty shocking 25-minute dose of the extreme, but the content just cannot sustain 94 minutes, or indeed 90 if you're watching the theatrical version and not the uncensored and slightly extended director's cut, which if you are begs the question as to why you're a fan of Jackass in the first place. This DVD release comes loaded with both.

All in all, die hard fans are more than ever sure to enjoy the full-frontal male nudity, spilling of bodily fluids and general exploitation of a certain group of men with a disregard for their own safety, but the rest of us are likely to suffer from boredom halfway through.

EXTRAS  ?? A 27-minute making-of feature; outtakes; two deleted scenes; and the trailer.

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