Jackass 2.5 (DVD)

If Jackass 2.5 serves as proof of anything (and that’s a stretch) it’s that some folks will go to any length to try and squeeze cash out of the movie going – or in this case, DVD buying/renting – public. On second thought, 2.5 also stands as proof that the Jackass “franchise” has one foot in the grave and the other teetering dangerously on the precipice.

The original Jackass movie was an agglomeration of skits and stunts culled from the MTV television series, some of which were too ripe for even cable TV, mixed with new material, to form an unevenly funny broth consisting of outrageous stunts and pranks.

Jackass Number Two tried to push the envelope even further, mixing some gut churningly gross material into an already uneven mix. The end result was a product that alternated between the hilarious and repulsive.

The straight-to-DVD Jackass 2.5, sadly, is little more than a collection of material shot during the production of Number Two that didn’t make the cut, and it shows. Essentially this release is nothing more than a glorified supplemental disc that should have been packaged with the sequel, but that wouldn’t have generated anywhere near the same amount of revenue that releasing it on its own would, hence the existence of 2.5.

The fact that there’s virtually nothing funny in 2.5, as compared to the previous two releases, seems of little concern to the folks behind this film. The only surprise is that the DVD didn’t come with a narration track that consisted of Knoxville and crew laughing their guts out while repeating the mantra “you paid money for this, SUCKER!”

If you enjoyed either of the previous two Jackass films, you should definitely give this one a pass. If you loathed them, then move along, there’s really nothing to see here.


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