Love and Other Drugs ?

This movie made me nauseous! After watching the trailer, I wasn't expecting much more than a syrupy sweet rom-com with the formulaic phases of: boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy pisses girl off with some ridiculously unbelievable misunderstanding and then inevitably, girl forgives boy. This turned out to be only part of the writers' plan to bore me to tears.

First of all, there is such a thing as too much sex in a movie when it doesn't hold any anecdotal merit. It seemed to be used as filler in the tedious and unfunny first half of the movie – which, despite feeling like a hackneyed attempt at a movie in its own right, was simply the first act in this overlong, insipid romance. The formulaic rom-com was haphazardly shoe-horned into the first 55 minutes of the film, leaving me to wonder where it could possibly go from there.

I wish I hadn't stayed in the cinema long enough to answer that question. I'm not a doctor, but I know that there is no known cure for the disease that Hathaway's character, Maggie, suffers from. Therefore, it can't possibly end  well and after wasting about an hour, it also can't possibly build up enough emotional steam in the second half to be a genuine tear-jerker. Despite this movie running half an hour longer than its welcome, it ended too abruptly with not enough closure on what happened to Maggie and how she continued to deal with her illness.

Thrown into the middle of these two conflicting themes was Gyllenhaal's character, Jamie, who seemed to have a 15-year career squeezed into less than a year – going from a stereo salesman to a drug rep in the space of a few short minutes. He begins selling anti-depressants and has a rivalry going with another drug rep, until he begins selling wonder drug Viagra and wins the rivalry. Correct me if I'm wrong here gentlemen, but would you use Viagra instead of Prozac? Call me ignorant, but I thought that these drugs were prescriptioned for wildly different symptoms.

I don't see what qualified Jamie to go from peddling anti-depressants to an erection drug in the space of a couple of months and why this was even comparable with the Prozac sales rep and seen as relevant in their infamous rivalry. Usually male characters in these types of movies redeem themselves by the end of the picture. However, Jamie started off as a somewhat charming and loveable rogue and turned into a petulant, money-obsessed ass. Note to the writers, chasing someone down the freeway when you realise that you might lose them is not original and does not equal character redemption!

This movie didn't know whether to be a fun-loving rom-com, a fierce career rivalry or a second-rate made for TV movie about how love can conquer any ailment (by the way, medically it can't – her illness is incurable, thus rendering the name of the movie utterly pointless). Instead of sticking with one of these ideas, the producers decided to go for all three and hideously missed the mark on all of them. Gyllenhaal and Hathaway were wasted in this forgettable, idiotic movie and the director clearly thought that the only things that Hathaway had to offer were her breasts. If you fancy watching them frolic around in the nip, watch the movie for the first hour and then dash – honestly, you won't miss much. If the idea of Jake Gyllenhaal's bare ass doesn't interest you, give it a miss; it was the only highlight of the movie.

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Cate McVeigh

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