Movies Where The Bad Guys Win

This article contains spoilers!

It’s tough being a villain, so it’s refreshing when writers occasionally hand them a metaphorical winner coupon code every once in a while. It’s just not a good reflection of real life if the good guys win all the time.

Villains are way more interesting than the good guys, anyway. They have a compelling backstory, they’re complex, and they have their eye on the prize. Particularly in this age of superhero movies, where Venom and Suicide Squad are thriving, it’s definitely the time for villains.

alien covenant 2017 movie embedAlien: Covenant

No other actor could have pulled off the robotic characters of David and Walter better than Michael Fassbender. Covenant, is not only the key to unanswered questions about the Alien franchise, but it’s also a fantastic movie where the villain prevails. Fassbender as David truly steals the whole show with his stiff and unfeeling persona, and there could not be a better person to play ‘God’.

movies where the bad guys win november 2018 blogpost se7en embedSe7en

Arguably one of the most miserable endings in film history, and will likely require you to watch something else a little lighter afterward. Although the bad guy, John Doe, is murdered at the end of Se7en, he technically still gets what he wants by forcing Mills to commit the deadly sin of wrath. This classic undeniably keeps you gripped throughout, whilst two detectives work tirelessly to catch a scheming serial killer, and yet are always two steps behind.

movies where the bad guys win november 2018 blogpost silence of the lambs embedThe Silence Of The Lambs

Although this film was released in 1991, it’s still as chilling today as it was back then – all thanks to Anthony Hopkins’ performance as Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal is cool, calm, and collected, with a talent of owning every situation he is in (despite being locked in a prison cell). At the end of the film, he escapes prison and wastes no time on locking his eyes onto his next ‘meal’.

movies where the bad guys win november 2018 blogpost creep embedCreep

There isn’t a more fitting title for this POV horror film as Mark Duplass puts on his creepiest act, as Josef. Creep is slightly funny, and completely unnerving at times – two emotions that may not usually come together in conventional movies... All in all, this skin-crawling masterpiece has an ending that is likely to make your jaw drop, and never want to meet a stranger again.

movies where the bad guys win november 2018 blogpost gone girl embedGone Girl

Did Nick Dunne kill his missing wife? Of course he didn’t! Nick is a completely average American until his world crumbles and he becomes a suspect of his wife’s murder. David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s bestseller is one of the most thrilling movies of today, and it constantly keeps you guessing – you never truly know who the villain actually is, until the end (and even then it’s still somewhat open to interpretation).

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