Rumors persist of a new Ocean’s movie

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Rumors persist of a new Ocean’s movie

original oceans11 movie blogpost embedThose of a pedantic nature might still refer to Steven Soderbergh’s biggest screen success as the “new” Ocean’s Eleven, in recognition of the original Rat Pack movie of 1960. But here’s a fact that will get you checking for gray hairs: Eighteen years have gone by since George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and the rest hit our screens and helped themselves to the content of the Bellagio’s casino vault.

Plenty has changed since then. Clooney and Pitt are seen as elder statesmen of Hollywood and most of us choose to play casino games on our smartphones or desktops using sites like CherryCasino rather than venturing out to place our bets on the Las Vegas strip. Yet one thing that is as true today as ever is that we all love a good caper movie. Could there still be mileage left in the Ocean’s series?

oceans 11 movie blogpost featuredThe story so far

Ocean’s Eleven spawned two sequels and a spin-off. In the 2004 movie Ocean’s 12, the crew are reunited and coerced into carrying out a new heist in Europe in order to repay Terry Benedict the $160 million they stole in the first movie. The film is somewhat hamstrung by an overly complicated and slightly illogical plot, but is nevertheless an entertaining sequel in which the cast effortlessly slip back into their old roles.

Ocean’s 13 is the final instalment in the original trilogy and came out in 2007. Here, the team forge alliances with former adversaries in order to bring down The Bank a new casino on the Las Vegas strip. The movie glides stylishly from one set piece to the next and there is a fun “closing night” feel to the entire movie.

We had to wait more than ten years for Ocean’s Eight. This featured an all-new crew, and wisely chose the option of casting an all-female team to avoid like-for-like comparisons with Clooney et al. The story might have lacked the depth of the original movies, but there was no denying the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and her co-conspirators and the movie grossed just under $300 million worldwide.

oceans 12 movie blogpost embedWill there be more?

Rumors have been circulating of an Oceans 14 movie for the past decade, and still they refuse to die. In Ocean’s Eight to Debbie refers to her brother Danny Ocean having died and implies that this might just have been yet another of his misdirections. If so, the stage is certainly set for a return.

Pairing Clooney and Bullock as dueling siblings in a new caper would certainly be an attractive proposition. You only need to watch Gravity to see how well they work together. The biggest roadblock, however, could be Bullock’s famed reluctance to get involved in sequels.

One person who is fully supportive of the idea is Sarah Paulson, who played Tammy in Ocean’s Eight. She told E! News that filming an Ocean’s Nine movie would be “so much fun.” Of course, she would need to get the rest of the crew on board. Paulson and Bullock are close friends in real life, and when asked whether the pair had discussed reuniting for a new Ocean’s film, Paulson replied that she would “get onto that” straight away. oceans 13 movie blogpost embed

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