Spider-Man: Far From Home

There are very few things that measure up to the success of Avengers: End Game. Of course, there may be some equivalent pleasure when we play NoviBet games or hear things like Spider-Man: Far From Home is soon to be released. Following the success of Avengers: End Game, it is safe to assume the marvel comic movie will be the most anticipated movie from the Spider-Man series. Here we take a look at some of the highlights of the movie, or what we know of it.

The young actor, Tom Holland, makes a return to the big screen in his role as Spider-Man from the Marvel Avengers movies he played in alongside Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man. Now with expectations high and the red carpet awaiting the 23 year old actor, we wonder if he will live up to expectations in a movie based solely on him. The first movie was a massive success, well the first to have showcased Tom Holland. It was the 2017 Spider-Man release ‘Homecoming’. The success was widely due to having a strong Marvel comic following, while the latest Spider-Man will rely heavily on Avenger fans giving the nod of approval.

This latest addition to the Spider-Man series premiered in Hollywood a few short months ago on the evening of June 26th. It was shown on both 3D and IMAX for an enhanced visual experience which sports impressive CGI and fantastic graphics. The movie received positive reviews on the graphics, humour, and the storyline and actor performances.

However, nothing speaks success like money does and Spider-Man: Far From Home $1 billion world-wide. This has put Far From Home in the category of first ever Spider-Man to reach the billion dollar target. Not only did it manage to get past this milestone but it also became the fourth highest grossing movie of 2019. Due to the staggering success so far, there is talk of a sequel to follow.

The cast includes red carpet names which includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Martin Starr, Zendaya, Marisa Tomei and several other familiar names which have graced the boardwalk of Hollywood.

The plot follows the young Spider-Man doing good as he has always dreamed of doing, this time in a better uniform and slightly more grown up. Samuel L. Jackson then located the young Spider-Man and delivers him to his mission where he faces a threat to humankind and needs to destroy to protect the earth and humankind.

The movie gets other superheroes involved, which seems to be a feature marvel is enjoying. The audience is taken with the additional heroes and action, so no complaints there.

In the end we will find out whether or not Spider-Man put the threat to rest on his Far From Home vacation. But what we really want to know is, will the audience approve of the film as much as they did the Avengers: End Game. Our point of view? After collecting all the data and reading the reviews, we have concluded the movie has been made for success.

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