Supernatural Season 10 review

Ah Sam and Dean… Good looking, all-American brothers, fighting the forces of evil for 10 seasons. It’s kind of a biblical soap opera by this point, with the guys, joined by their long term mentor/friend Castiel, the angel.

supernatural season 10 DVD packshotLast season, Dean lost against Metatron, who was the angel struggling to take over heaven. Dean was resurrected with a special knife called the First Blade, but this unleashed his inner demon, and he is now cursed with the Mark of Cain. (This means that Dean is spending a lot of time singing bad karaoke, drinking loads, posing, and sleeping around as much as possible.)

Sam, in efforts to save his brother and return him to his former self, has to do some things that take him pretty close to the edge himself, expect the unexpected, it gets dark! (Hey, no spoilers, watch it yourself!)

Castiel, the Winchester brothers long time angel sidekick and sometime mentor is dealing with the mess of Metatrons actions, with rogue angels on the loose that need to be saved or destroyed, but his grace is failing, the special juice that makes an angel tick, and it’s a race against time. And Crowley, the King Of Hell, has some family problems, which you know can only be a very bad thing…

I guess that Supernatural is an acquired taste, but it’s really fun. It often pokes fun at itself, and really goes to some dark places at times too. By this season, there is so much history between the two boys, you might need to give yourself a recap to make sure you know what’s going on, some of the mythology is kind of dense, but it won’t stop you from enjoying it as a whole.

There are some great bad guys this season, from The Darkness, a creature as old as God and the Devil, trouble making witch Rowena, and the Styne family, who use body snatching and surgery to better themselves. All the elements are there that make this show great fun to watch, being a bit silly, a bit soap opera-y, and then very very dark.

If you love Supernatural, this season won’t disappoint.  

EXTRAS: More than four hours of great Supernatural stuff, so hard core fans should be happy. A Very Special Supernatural Special (28:00) sees the cast and crew talk about the series, their favourite moments, and tease the next season. In Supernatural Theatre: Staging The 200th Episode (24:00) goes into the making of the flagship 200th episode, in which the Winchester boys find that a local girls school is staging a fan fiction musical version of their lives. Has interviews with the writer, composer, director and more. The Winchester Mythology: Battling the Mark and The Blade (18:30) looks into the myths and stories behind the shows plot lines, like the mark of Cain for example. It's quite fascinating. Supernatural Fans (54:00) is a touching and sometimes hilarious look into the fans who love the show, and the lengths they go to to create fan art, fiction and cosplay outfits. Supernatural at Comic-Con 2014 (29:00) is the cast at Comic Con and their panel interview, few insights into the show as well as some funny moments. Three Audio Commentaries for episodes The Hunter Games, There's No Place Like Home and The Executioners Song. Deleted scenes are also included, and the usual gag reel, which are always really good for this series (6:40).  

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