Schindler's List 25th Anniversary

It's fitting that Steven Spielberg's masterpiece Schindler's List is having its 25th anniversary at a time when the world is experiencing a resurgence of Nazism; a time when a corrupt...



A Star is Born review

Since the dawn of cinema, ordinary people have always dreamt about becoming famous: A Star is Born is the perfect manifesto for such dream in our age



The stars in their blocks

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All Is True review

Branagh's study of the last years of the Bard of Avon leans towards more fiction than fact, as this so-called historical piece comes up self-serving



Green Book review

Green Book balances hefty themes with refreshing levity, formula with expert restrain in emotion; but its indubitable strong points are the herculean performances by Mortensen and Ali

Snake Santa vs The Thing

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The Fantastic Beastie Boys

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The Girl in the Spider's Web review

The Girl in the Spider's Web does away with the gritty yet somewhat low-key tone of Larsson's material in favor of spectacular but familiar action and spy film tropes, resembling far more a modern instalment of the Bond series than any adaptation of the Millennium trilogy to date.