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Slammer Jabber 7 July 2016

Another crazy seven days in the wrestling world – this week we deal with Raw, TNA's Final Deletion, UFC 200, and much much more

Slammer Jabber 30 June 2016

Another week in pro wrestling, featuring WWE tackling the Roman Reigns suspension on-air, Brock Lesnar news, the Brand Extension rumours and more

Slammer Jabber 23 June 2016

All the big news from the world of professional wrestling, plus opinions, predictions and a few strong words: it's Slammer Jabber time

Slammer Jabber 16 June 2016

It's Slammer Jabber time! All the biggest stories of the week in the topsy-turvy world of professional wrestling all in one place


Slammer Jabber 9 June 2016

It’s that time again, for all the news and views that are fit to print on the bizarre world of professional wrestling. It’s Slammer Jabber time!

Slammer Jabber 2 June 2016

Welcome to Slammer Jabber. This week we have a host of news and opinions on the past seven days in the topsy-turvy world of Professional Wrestling



Sisters review

Sisters is fast paced and full of confidence, agreeable and affable enough to be sure, but it doesn't quite hit the comedy bullseye



Sisters review

In the opening scene of this raucous comedy prim Poehler accosts a "homeless" guy outside a coffee house with unwanted life-affirming advice and deodorant.  It's very funny indeed and the...



Legendary review (DVD)

The latest WWE Studios production, the film-making wing of World Wrestling Entertainment, Legendary gets the company's feet wet in drama, stepping out of the action and horror pools that it's...



12 Rounds (DVD)

International terrorist Miles Jackson (Gillen) is on the verge of pulling off an arms deal double-cross/diamond heist when, due to the intervention of New Orleans cop Danny Fisher (Cena), his...