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Takers is a junky actioner that's watchable enough but overall exudes no great appeal. This is because none of the characters are particularly likeable though the ensemble cast are all proficient in their portrayals.

Elba is the leader of a slick team of LA bank robbers who maintain an affluent lifestyle. Ealy and Brown play trusting brothers while Walker is the smooth professional and Chistensen the youthful upstart. They all live in swanky homes and like to drink in cool looking cocktail lounges. Four years ago a botched heist sent one of their number to jail and now Ghost (Harris) has been released and has a new job for them.

With little preparation time they must rob an armoured van and thereby accrue an extremely large haul of cash contained therein. But can they trust this new interloper who has returned to their ranks?. Especially with diligent cop Dillon on their tail, a determined 'tec out to see justice rightfully done. His partner Hernandez tries to be equally helpful though has troubles of his own that he's trying to hide.

It certainly looks good. The trappings are all suitably stylish and the pace never flags, but all in all it's just another generic crime tale, never too involving nor that satisfying. There are flashes of excitement due to the kinetic editing but the relentless gunfire and stunts begin to pall after a while. The balletic shoot 'em up climax, complete with over dramatic score, never excites and, come the end as the double crosses multiply, the less you will care about the cliched dramatics. A fast food takeaway of a picture. Efficient but empty.

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