Taking a Look at Norse Mythology in Pop Culture

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Taking a Look at Norse Mythology in Pop Culture

taking a look at norse mythology in pop culture april 2019 blogpost embedUp until the 19th century, most of the world had never heard about Norse mythology. However, the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda, ancient Icelandic scripts that outline everything we know about Norse mythology today, have gone a long way to bringing this mythology into common knowledge. When these myths became widespread in the 19th century, the world was hungry for more. To this day, we are constantly bombarded with it - throughout our television, movies, books, games and so much more. Pop culture has kept Norse mythology well and truly alive, but what are some of the most prominent references to it today? Let's read on and discuss.

In Movies

Movies are the perfect place to recreate and reimagine Norse mythology in all its glory. There are countless possibilities for films, and they can help us envisage the myths as they were meant to be told. One of the most popular examples of Norse mythology in films is Marvel's Thor. The first Thor film grossed a massive $449,326,618 in the worldwide box office, and the second one beat the record by grossing $644,571,402. This makes them some of the highest-grossing Marvel movies to date. Thor is one of the oldest Marvel comic book characters, and the films rely heavily on the use of Norse mythology - including characters such as Loki, Odin, Hela, and more. Of course, the franchise takes a lot of artistic licenses, but they make for some very entertaining films.


Norse mythology is also very well suited to the small screen, and one great example of this is in the TV show American Gods. American Gods began as a fantasy novel, taking on an amalgamation of Irish, Norse, Slavic, African and Middle Eastern deities. It takes place in modern times and makes for a very entertaining interpretation of different mythologies. From Norse mythology, it features Odin - the 'Allfather' - and outlines how the original Norsemen brought their gods with them to America. The show has done very well, with viewing figures reaching over 975,000 for the first episode alone.

In Gaming

If there's one area of pop culture that Norse mythology thrives, it's in our games. One of the most popular games centered around Norse mythology is God of War, which sold over 3.1 million units within just three days of its release. In this game, there are many Norse creatures and myths that are the main focus of the game, which crop up time and time again throughout the game as Kratos and Atreus set out on their mission. It's not just in console games where Norse mythology has made an impact, it's also hugely popular in online casinos. Among online slots, there have been many examples of Viking- and Norse-themed games, including the Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck 2 slots. The epic Norse theme combined with incentives like a payout of up to 2.4 million coins makes it unsurprising that players come back to play more.

Norse Mythology in Pop Culture is Here to Stay

There's no doubt that we'll see Norse mythology appear time and time again across all areas of pop culture. It consists of timeless stories that we love to hear over and over again, and we're certain that we've only seen the beginning of what this mythology has to offer.

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