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Ah, sequels. So often they suck (hello Grease 2, Batman & Robin, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, Speed 2: Cruise Control, Grown Ups 2, Son of the Mask, Jaws 2, Staying Alive and Terminator Genisys ...) but sometimes – just sometimes – sequels are not just as good as the original film, they are better. Just look at Terminator 2: Judgment Day, or Aliens, or The Bride of Frankenstein, or The Godfather: Part II, or Spider-Man 2, or The Empire Strikes Back. And, with caveats, we can probably add Ted 2 to that list.

If you saw the first Ted, you know, of course, that Ted is a bear. A stuffed-toy variety teddy bear. Who came to life thanks to the boyhood wish of Johnny (Wahlberg). The sequel kicks off with a wedding as Ted (voiced by MacFarlane) marries his girlfriend, Tami-Lynn (Barth). A little way down the track, thoughm the marriage is in troube - they're just not getitng on, firghting and shouting all the time. So they decide that the only way to fix things is to have a baby. Slight proble though: Ted lacks a penis. And testicles. And sperm. So they need a donor...

If you were a fan of the first Ted, or of the work of MacFarlane, then you know just what to expect: lots of creative swearing, sex references, digs at the Kardashians, dope smoking, sex jokes and a scene of Wahlberg lying on the floor of a sperm donor clinic covered in jizz.

Speaking of Wahlberg, he takes a little more of a back seat here – he is now divorced from Mila Kunis (poor bastard) and so this film is more about Ted's efforts to be acknowledged as an actual person rather than property (it's a complicated affair that comes about when he and Tami-Lynn try to adopt a baby. Cue a courtcase that sees pot-smoking young lawyer Samantha (Seyfried) in Ted's corner, and soon in the apple of Johnny's eye. Seyfried is great in the role, taking the various insults thrown her way in good humour – and who knew she was such a good singer? There'a also a lot of fun to be had with Warburton and Dorn, including some hilarious stuff with the pair of them dressed as The Tick and Star Trek's Worf causing havoc at the New York Comic-Con, where that nasty Donny (Ribisi) is again causing trouble for Ted.

Ted 2 took a bit of a kicking from the critics in the US, which makes you wonder if they have a sense of humour. Yes, it's very silly and sweary and crude and quite politically incorrect - but that's exactly what we have come to expect from Seth and his pals. There are bucket-loads of laughs in this film, and plenty of sweetness too. Sure, the novelty of a talking teddy-bear may have worn off, but a lot of the fun here is the comfort of already knowing the characters and seeing what they do next. And hey, any film with Freeman in it has to be a winner, right? And if there's a Ted 3, let's hope we get a cameo from Paddington...

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