The 33 review

This true life tale depicts the story of those 33 Chilean miners who were stuck inside the mine for 69 days. Remember when they were all released? Individually being lifted up one by one in the cylindrical device and the global outpouring of joy from all and sundry that saw it?

Yep, that's all here but before that we have to see the guys, lead by stalwart Banderas and by-the-book Phillips, go down into the mine and then the hardship they all faced after it collapses, ekeing out the meagre rations they had in order to survive. At the same time we also witness Santoro as the tenacious government official assembling the rescue teams as well as the turmoil the various loved ones of the miners are going through. including battle weary Binoche as a particularly determined individual in trying to get answers.

It starts off as a cheesy, by-the-numbers affair that fails to instil much enthusiasm but soon after one simply cannot fail to be caught up in the story. It's such a strong hook that one is swiftly engaged in the melodrama of it all – and the predominantly Hispanic cast are certainly not timid in displaying their emotions. Their fiery temperaments are consistently watchable. It comes across as a  traditional, old school disaster tale put together with much class and know-how, pleasing to be sure and ultimately very entertaining.

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