Water Lilies (DVD)

When this film ended, only one thought came to mind — now what? What the hell am I supposed to write? The strange thing is that it’s not a bad film, but at the same time it manages to have a weird sense of meaninglessness about it. I think I’m in film limbo.

Water Lilies is well made and well written, but I’m not quite sure what it’s supposed to represent. What makes a person get up one day and think: “Today I am going to make a film about French lesbian synchronised swimmers.” Essentially, the piece explores themes such as sexuality, lasting friendship and the angst that surrounds unrequited love, but I’m really puzzled as to the movie's overall point as there doesn’t appear to be a specific conclusion of any kind.

One plot description said love and desire make a dramatic appearance, but this film isn’t really in the least bit dramatic, and considering the themes that are explored, it’s really not that emotionally provoking either.  Perhaps the absence of a definite ending signifies that no matter what trials and tribulations you face with friendships and relationships, life just carries on? Who knows? One film this isn’t is steamy. It’s subtle and not overtly sexual, so sorry boys, you’re probably best getting your kicks elsewhere. If anything it’s simply a glimpse into the life of the average teenager and the issues that surround it. The film is nothing special and the cast are okay, so perhaps it’s worth watching just to see what you make of it yourself.

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