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What Bonuses from Betting Companies and Casinos Are Worth To Be Claimed

There’s a lot of online british casino and betting sites around and they each offer a large number of bonuses. At first glance, everything seems to be amazing: You can earn hundreds of dollars in exchange for a deposit, and if you don't even make a deposit, you can still get a free gambling balance. These offerings are so attractive that they are often decisive about whether becoming a member or not. The better the proposal, the more likely you are to become a member. However, are these “very good” offers really advantageous? If not, is it possible to find an advantageous bonus offer? Let's answer both questions separately.

bettingcasino3Great Looking but Not That Great

Bonus offers for new members are always those with the highest values. They are often offered as a match bonus and known as the welcome bonus. In other words, casino matches a certain percentage of money deposited by new members. This rate reaches 200% in some casinos. If you deposit 50 USD, you'll earn 100 USD - isn't it very advantageous?

In reality, things do not work like that. Yes, the 200% offer is real and you'll actually get a free balance at the same rate after the deposit. However, this is only a “virtual” balance, and this offer is not as advantageous as it seems. Because:

  • The bonus you get is “locked”. You'll see it in your account, but you won't be able to use it. To unlock, you need to complete something called “wagering requirement”.
  • This requirement requires you to wager up to a certain percentage of the bonus. For example, let's say the rate is 25X rate and you get 200 USD as a welcome bonus. In order to withdraw this money, you must first deposit 5,000 USD and use it to play games (200 x 25). In other words, depositing 5,000 USD is not enough, you are asked to use this money in games. You will have to spend $ 5,000 to get 200 USD.
  • Each game does not contribute equally to this requirement. If you like roulette games, for example, you may never complete the wagering requirement. As a general rule, no other game than slot machines contributes 100%.
  • In some cases, there is a time limit to complete the requirement. For example, you will be asked to complete it within 30 days. Moreover, you cannot perform a withdrawal before this requirement is completed. Otherwise, your bonus will be deleted.
  • The welcome bonus is only available once.

Whether or not these rules are fair is the subject of another discussion, but it is clear that they are not that advantageous. Therefore, especially if the wagering rate is high, it may be more advantageous not to take advantage of the welcome bonuses. So, is there a really advantageous online casino bonus?

bettingcasino 2Become a Member First

Casinos offer various promotions not only to new members but also to existing members. These are almost always more advantageous than welcome bonuses. These promotions, often known as reload or deposit bonuses, still match the deposited money at a certain rate, just like the welcome bonus. However:

  • It is possible to benefit from these campaigns regularly and continuously. So every time you make a deposit, you get a bonus. The welcome bonus is one-time as mentioned above.
  • These campaigns also have a wagering requirement, but the rates are slightly lower and easier to complete. If you're already a member, this means you're already playing games, so you can complete the requirement by doing what you've always done.
  • Some free betting offers do not even require a wagering requirement. You really get free gambling balance in exchange for placing a couple bets. Granted, their amount is quite low but they are yours to keep or use without any conditions.

In short, the bonuses offered to current members are more advantageous in the long term compared to those offered to new members. Therefore, we recommend that you review what kind of promotions it offers to current members when evaluating an online casino. These are generally worth claiming. Other bonuses are mostly for advertising purposes, and it's often not possible to get a significant advantage.

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