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Preview: Raiding The Lost Ark Part One

Posted by Tim Pelan | Thu, 17/11/2011 - 22:00

By Tim Pelan

Back in September, we brought you a taster clip of the iconic truck chase from Jamie Benning's new filmumentary Raiding The Lost Ark, a new fan documentary of Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

Now, courtesy of Wired, we have the first 17 minutes to show you here.

The creator of Star Wars Begins has again combined behind the scenes video, rare audio commentary, graphical reconstructions of deleted scenes and subtitled facts, to run concurrently with the film itself, for a unique viewing experience into the first and greatest Indiana Jones adventure. Possibly the greatest touch is hearing Steven Spielberg give his first (unofficial!) commentary track on one of his most entertaining films. Jamie has upped his game since his Star Wars docs, using an upscaled DVD source to produce Raiding in HD. Even the vintage 16mm and VHS behind the scenes footage has been digitally enhanced (Jamie is a professional television editor). Look out for a brilliant Title wipe between Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Raiding The Lost Ark as Indy and his treacherous guides pass across the screen at the beginning of the film.

Barring a few more interviews with Raiders crew members such as Mark Mangini (Sound Editor), Brian Muir (Sculptor – he helped create the actual Ark), and Robert Watts (Production Manager and Executive Producer), the doc is virtually finished. The complete Raiding The Lost Ark is expected to to be available on Vimeo in December. Here is part one ...

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