13 Sins review (DVD)

Eric Brindle (Webber) is an average Joe in dire straits. Due to be married with a baby on the day, he is the sole career for his mentally-disabled brother, Michael (Graye) and now finds himself unemployed.

Hugely in debt and with options running out, Eric receives a phone call one night from an unidentified man who offers money in exchange for the completion of a series of challenges, after 13 of which, Eric will be a millionaire. While these challenges sound innocuous at first they quickly turn sinister. A desperate man in a desperate situation with few alternatives, Eric begins to play the game...

13 Sins (aka Angry Little God or 13: Game of Death) is based on the Thai psychological horror comedy, 13 Beloved. This American adaption begins with an attention-grabbing opening and a simple premise that's difficult to ignore. The plot spins itself nicely and interest in what Eric will be asked to do next remains high throughout. Pearlman's plays the part of investigating detective Chillcoat well and while he is one of the biggest names in the film, his presence never overpowers it.

However, while there is some grisly and macabre moments, the horror feels downplayed and while sinister, the challenges are never deeply unsettling. Despite this, 13 Sins remains an enjoyable, decently-made work.

EXTRAS ★ The sole extra is a behind-the-scenes featurette.

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