5 of the Greatest TV Shows set in Las Vegas

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5 of the Greatest TV Shows set in Las Vegas

What’s more fated for showbiz than Las Vegas? It’s fast, flashy, and fierce, basically everything you want from a city of sin. From its gangster origin to its huge success today, it’s a place made to be on our TV screens. Rightfully so, Las Vegas movies are always raved about, but what about the TV shows? Get ready to sit back, relax, and rekindle your appreciation for TV shows set in the world’s Sin City.

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CSI: Las Vegas

Perhaps one of the only choices that does not make you want to live the lifestyle that is portrayed in the series… “CSI: Las Vegas” follows the lives of the highly elite team of forensic evidence investigation expert’s as they work on different cases throughout each episode. The success of the show not only lies in the interesting cases, but also the inherent likeability of the main characters, and how you get a look into each of their personal lives and backgrounds. Watching this show will undoubtedly make you feel less stressed about your own job and thankful that you don’t get woken up in the middle of the night to check out a dead body.

Pawn Stars

Set on the outskirts of the Las Vegas strip, ‘Pawn Stars’ gives its audience a look into the daily routine of the “Gold and Silver” pawn shop. You could almost see it as the very American version of “Antique’s Roadshow”, but with more arguing. One of the main appeals of the show is the fact it’s a family run business, and that three generations of the Harrison family star in the show – “The Old Man” Richard, his son Rick, and grandson Corey. Although the show portrays them in a humorous light at times, there’s no doubt that this all-male cast have an incredible skill to be able to spot the junk from the treasure.

Las Vegas

Apart from the more than frustrating ending, ‘Las Vegas’ is an otherwise incredible show. The series focuses on the fictional Montecito Resort, its Casino, and all the problems that arise within them. It’s one of those shows that’ll make you want to place your bets on everything and anything (responsibly, of course), and fortunately it’s possible to do that from your laptop, without spending huge amounts on a flight to Vegas; you can view all TV/Specials betting market at William Hill, and thank us later. Interweaving your love of betting and watching TV is surely superior to casinos, and martinis, right? Of course, there is plenty of alcohol, and guns, however, there’s also a lot of good-natured humour, and not as much sleaziness as you’d expect from a series about Sin City.


‘Vega$’ stars Robert Urich as Dan Tanna, a cool and charming private investigator. This show contains all the stereotypical glitz and glamour that Vegas so easily radiates, from celebrity cameos to an impressive “drive-in” living room. Tanna cruises around Las Vegas in his iconic Ford Thunderbird convertible and these scenes make it possible to compare 1970s Las Vegas to what it’s like today. The show is captivatingly retro, and fun to watch.

Counting Cars

Another addictive reality TV series, and the third spinoff of ‘Pawn Stars’, this show is based around ‘Count’s Kustoms’, an automobile restoration and customisation company owned by Danny Kroker, a recurring professional that showed up on the ‘Pawn Stars’ series. The show deals with choppers, motorcycles, hot rods, and basically “anything with wheels and an engine” as Danny says himself. The beauty of this show is that it’s not just for vehicle enthusiasts; it can be enjoyed by anyone.

You’re now more than likely experiencing the desire to either book a one-way plane ticket straight to Nevada, take part in a poker game, or perhaps wanting to purchase the box sets of each of these shows.

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