A Royal Night Out review

This light-footed confection depicts an amiable scenario as to what young Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret got up to on VE night, 8 May 1945. The two teenagers are let out of Buckingham Palace to revel with the hordes of happy young things celebrating the end of the Second World War.

Gorgeous Gadon makes a charming future Queen, chasing around London haunts, including a most unconvincing looking Soho, after her younger sister who is enthusiastically experiencing life off the leash with abandon. A young soldier (Reynor) reluctantly accompanies her as they gad about town trying to track down the errant royal.

The two girls are a delightful contrast in styles and both performers play off each other with infectious ease, Gadon the responsible one always aware of her royal duties yet enjoying the freedom the night gives her, while Powley is excellent as the immature one gobbling up the sights and sounds with wide eyed drunken joy. Reynor is likeable enough as their protector but his line readings seem flat at times.

The digital photography here doesn't provide the lavish sheen one would hope for. The colour looks washed out when it should really be more vibrant to the eye. Overall though, it's a perfectly pleasant effort, if swiftly forgettable, and ideal for a rainy afternoon.

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