Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging (DVD)

Let's break down that title first. Angus is the surly cat belonging to Georgia Nicolson (Groome), a 14-year old girl in Eastbourne who's recently discovered boys. Thongs are the sort of uncomfortable pants Georgia's love-rival Slaggy Lindsay (Nixon) wears. And Perfect Snogging is what it says on the tin: the ultimate kiss on the scale created by Georgia and her best friend Jas (Tomlinson).

Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging DVD

Georgia has two aims for this all important year: get a gorgeous sex god boyfriend and throw the greatest 15th birthday party Eastbourne has ever seen. The rest will look after itself; after all, she has the support of her giggling chums, The Ace Gang, to help her through the embarrasments caused by her “ancient” parents (Davies and Taylor). Aim number one appears to be answered by the arrival of two new students, hunky brothers Tom (Bourke) and Robbie (Johnson). Tom and Jas hit it off but for Georgia, the path of teenage lust doesn't run smooth and Slaggy Lindsay gets her claws into Robbie. But Georgia has a mission. With snogging lessons, fake tan, a little stalking and the help of an unwilling cat, he will be hers. Oh yes. He will be hers.

In short, Angus Thongs... is a pre-pubescent Bridget Jones, a nicely observed tale of adolescent longing and growing up. It's well performed, often amusing and generally bright and jolly. But who is it aimed at exactly? It seems a little innocent for the majority of 14-year olds, a rose-tinted look at  what teenage life should be rather than the reality of modern life. Let's face it, in many parts of the country, Georgia wouldn't remove her love rival with an elaborate plan to become a much more suitable, sophisticated girlfriend. She'd remove her love rival with a kitchen knife. And film herself doing it on her phone. And be carrying Robbie's baby as she did it. 

As such, the target audience for this film would appear to be the girls who haven't grown up depressingly fast. So that's what, nine year olds? I hope I'm proven wrong, because this is a sweet enough film that provides a very different option to The Dark Knight.

EXTRAS ***½ A sweet package all round. There's an audio commentary with Gurinder and "the Ace Gang Girls" (ie, three of the kids - Groome, Tomlinson and Grewal); nine behind-the-scenes featurettes (Double Cool With Knobs On, Looking After Angus, First Kisses, Working With Gurinder, Angus Video Diaries, Thongs, Bras, Lippie and Other Life-Saving Essentials, Getting the Angus Look, Step Inside the Nicholson House, and FIrst Night Nerves); nine deleted scenes; a blooper reel; a stills gallery; and a Stiff Dylans music video for the song Ultraviolet.

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