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As far as concepts for fun horrors go, Bad Milo is right up there. Literally. Co-writer/director Vaughan brings us the story of down-trodden Duncan (Marino), a nice guy weighed down with the stress of work and a wife who’s desperate to hear the patter of tiny feet. When his good nature is pushed to breaking point, all of Duncan’s dark desires take on a physical manifestation in the form of Milo – a demon that lives in his anus.

Those who wrong Duncan in any way soon meet a bloody (rear) end when Milo jumps ship on his host’s behalf to exact the kind of revenge our hapless hero will deny ever crosses his mind. With the help of therapist Highsmith (the brilliant Stomare), Duncan must control his urges to keep Milo from striking again. Not the tiny feet that devoted Sarah (Jacobs) wants to hear, but for the audience it’s hilarious.

The sheer size of Milo induces eye-watering laugh-wince combinations when imagining his coming and goings from Duncan’s back door. It’s a concept that allies itself to comedy and while there are some brilliant moments, Bad Milo starts to lose the audience when it strays from that territory. A back-story of the relationship between Duncan and his absent father adds relevant pathos to our hero’s plight, but often at the expense of Milo who is really the star of the show. The special effects used to create the monster hark back gloriously to films such as Critters (1986) and Ghoulies (1985) – a welcome return to the plethora of effects-laden Saturday night creature features commonplace in the 1980s.

Marino is excellent as the affable man with one of the most unenviable ring-pieces in cinema history (The Human Centipede probably takes that crown) and Jacobs plays concerned Sarah perfectly – getting one particular stand out comedy moment of her own in the final act. Bad Milo also boasts other impressive support from Warburton as Duncan’s scheming boss, Place and Nanjiani as his oversexed mother and her new toyboy, as well as Root as the aforementioned father figure.

It’s a character-driven film that only really suffers when it forgets what the audience really wants from it – butt jokes and plenty of 'em.

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