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Cameron Diaz as a high school teacher? Every schoolboy's dream. Cameron Diaz as a flirty, vampy, vulgar, dope-smoking, boozing, self-obsessed, rule-breaking high school teacher? That's just gotta be every schoolboy's wet dream.

And what should get those schoolboy pulses racing even faster is that much of the plot of this film revolves around Cam's character, Liz Halsey, trying to raise enough money (by fair means or foul) for a boob job. When we first meet her, Liz is planing to give up teaching for a life of luxury, married to a stinking-rich mummy's boy. But when mummy puts the kibosh on the wedding, she's gotta go back to the classroom until she can get her claws into another rich bloke to take care of her.

Enter new temp teacher Scott Delacorte (Diaz's former flame Timberlake), who is also the heir to a fortune ... which means that Liz has her eye on him as soon as his pretty face – and bulging wallet – walks through the front door. But also keen on Scotty boy is perky rival Amy Squirrel (Punch), the annoyingly prim and proper colleague from the classroom across the corridor. And while all that's going on, the nice-guy gym teacher Russell (Segel) has got the hots for luscious Liz.

It's a farce, for sure, and there are a few good laughs to be had, but the whole thing just never quite gels. Whie it's not as raw and raunchy as a lot of the teen sex comedies we see these days, it's also not quite as clever and satirical as its classic namesake, Bad Santa. One the plus side, the cast are all on top form – particularly English actress Punch, who simply shines here, and the sadly underused Segel. Methinks they were trying to avoid making this too much like a rom-com? And once again, Timberlake shows why he made the right decision moving from music into movies. He's followed his recent outstanding turn in The Social Network with another performance that shows us why this fella's got a long career ahead of him in front of the camera.

And what about Cam (who is looking scarily thin here)? Well, she certainly acquits herelf well alongside such a top-rate supporting cast. The problem is that she's got so much baggage playing the sweet, nice, ditzy blonde that it's tough to take her too seriously as the bad girl. Overall, it's most definitely not the must-see movie of the summer. But it's a decent enough comedy should you be desperately looking for a laugh or two on a warm (or, if you're in the UK, wet) summer's night. And there's even soem bare breasts to be seen, which should keep all those horny schoolboys happy.

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