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Blues and Bullets Episode 2 review

If you haven't read my review of Blues and Bullets: Part One, then it would be worthwhile as Blues and Bullets: Part Two is the continuation of the story. If you're in a hurry, a quick summary is that Blues and Bullets is an episodic film noir thriller, set around an investigation by the retired, former Untouchable, Elliot Ness.

To make this review as spoiler-free as possible, I won't be covering any details of the story but talking about the differences between part two and part one.

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Part two continues where part one leaves off with Ness, having discovered a lead as to the whereabouts of the young girl he's looking for, entering the base of the kidnapper disguised as one of his contacts. The story quickly progresses from there, investigating what has happened to the girl and what goes on in the base. Unlike Part One, in which the story pace was quite sedate and linear, part two investigates much more of the back story such as Ness' affair with one of his men's wives and introduces new elements of the story such as an ancient cult. The result is a more substantial story with genuinely interesting events and even some very surprising twists which draws the player further into Ness' word.

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Graphically, the game seems improved too. Although the game is still mainly black, white and red, in some scenes additional colours are used, making them seem extra vivid and the action extra frantic.

So part two, really builds on the story of part one but it also carries on some of the issues too, such as the automatically scrolling camera which can be irritating and make. finding all the clues challenging at times. If you can overlook these issues, part two is a worthy addition to the story, adding some new aspects and ramping up the tension.

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