Casino Royale Tops Best Bond Film Poll

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Casino Royale Tops Best Bond Film Poll

Casino Royale Tops Best Bond Film Poll The James Bond franchise has grossed over $7 billion worldwide, making it the fourth most successful film franchise of all time behind industry giants, Harry Potter, Star Wars and of course, the juggernaut which is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Depending on who you talk to, the debate about which James Bond movie is the "best" or which actor most successfully portrayed the Martini-drinking British agent can be a pretty touchy one. In the past 55 years, there have been no fewer than 26 James Bond films and with 12 different actors playing the titular role, it's fairly easy to see why the arguments still rage on even to this day.

To further put the cat amongst the pigeons, Casino Royale has been ranked as the number one Bond film in a recent poll from the digital media company Ranker. In point of fact, Daniel Craig's debut as 007 back in 2006 was extremely well received and many do see Craig as one of, if not the best Bond of all time. Despite the fact that many purists often have something to say about this, even the most staunch detractors would find it hard to belittle Craig's performances in the black tux, which have won the actor admirers all over the world and consequently catapulted him to international stardom.  While it's important to recognize the many variables that need to be taken into account when deciding upon the best James Bond film, it's not difficult to see why Casino Royale has come out on top. The franchise has become demonstrably more gritty and realistic since Craig's arrival and is clearly resonating with younger Bond fans all over the world. What's more, Casino Royale's casino scenes are arguably some of the most exhilarating and iconic in the industry, giving the audience that true Vegas feeling and perfectly encapsulating the tense atmosphere associated with playing a high stakes game of Texas hold'em poker.

Quite interestingly, the first movies after the casting of a new Bond have been proven to be the most successful throughout the years. Whether it's Casino Royale for Daniel Craig, Live and Let Die for Roger Moore, Dr No for Sean Connery or The Living Daylights for Timothy Dalton, the on-screen debuts for the different actors have all been proven to be critical and commercial successes. This could well indicate that the curiosity attached to seeing a new face in the role is too much of a temptation for us to stay away from but it is often the case that a film franchise can become a little stale if the same actors are used over and over again.

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Daniel Craig's next appearance as Bond in 2019 is set to be his last in the role and though the film is untitled as of yet, "Shatterhand" and "Never Dream of Dying" have been touted as possible working titles. Whether Casino Royale is your favorite Bond film or not, Daniel Craig has undoubtedly helped to rejuvenate a franchise which was in danger of becoming a little too cheesy for its own good. One thing's for certain, whoever follows on from Craig will have big shoes to fill and we can't wait to find out who's willing to throw their hat in the ring for one of the biggest gigs in the movie industry.

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