Venice Film Festival

The line-up for the Venice Film Festival has been announced and some very interesting contenders seem to be lining up for it.

Double Features

Cinematical posted a piece today on quality double features which features some nice picks. Sight & Sound did a similar thing recently so you know what, why the flip don't...

What Needs Reissuing?

Ryan Gilbey of The Guardian blogged on this very day about the glut of films which are continually reissued and how distributors need to dip further into the back catalogue.

W teaser, Wolverine footage and Hello!

So although my blog will be decidely less shiny than Monsieur Davey, I promise at least a reasonable tint or perhaps a metallic glare will exist.

A new shiny blog...

How marvellous. And how typical... A new shiny blog on which I can throw my random film-related thoughts and I can't think of a single thing today.

Sam's blog - first post

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Young Joe Scott, played by Harry Eden, and his childhood crush, Ruth, played by Felicity Jones, are certain to be two of Britain’s upcoming stars.

Carlos Reygadas’ Silent Light

Day 7: Tuesday October 23

Simply Enchanting

Day 4: Saturday October 20