Guillermo Del Toro is booked up until 2017 with projects coming out his lovely little ears.Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler is premièring in Venice on Friday.Tom Cruise to be villainous in...

Milk Trailer

I'm a big fan of Gus Van Sant, most particularly Paranoid Park from this year but back to most of his languid, esoteric and beautiful independent films like Elephant and Gerry.

90210 has arrived ... but is it any good?

Well, the CW's glossy new Beverly Hills 90210 spinoff has had its 2-hour debut. And I have to say there were a few nice touches:•  Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez (daughter of Andrea...


Yet more folks have joined the cast of Inglorious Bastards.

Russell Crowe Not Elementary For Dear Watson

Some of these titles, honestly. Anywho, it seems rumours that Russell Crowe ain't taking on the role of Watson in Guy Ritchie's Downey Jr-starring Sherlock Holmes adaptation.

Brothers Bloom Shifted Back

So The Brothers Bloom, the conman caper coming from Brick-director Rian Johnson, has been delayed until the end of the year.

Could Max Payne Be Good?

Hmmm... just writing that seems alien to me. I won't lie, I'm a pretty hideous judger of films based on a variety of cover subjects.

Guitar Hero Film!?!?!?!

I ragged on Aaron Sorkin's idea yesterday pretty hard. He wants to make a movie about Facebook. This is not a good idea. But these reports are worse.


Some writers from the American Office have pitched and sold Bad Teacher, which really does sound like Bad Santa but with a seventh-grade teacher. Ewww...