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The BFG London press conference

Join Steven Spielberg, Ruby Barnhill, Mark Rylance, Rebecca Hall and Penelope Wilton as they chat with the London press about their new film

Small-Screen Jabber 16-22 July

On TV this week: The Rack Pack, The Secret Agent, The Joy of Data, David Bowie, the London Anniversary Games and more

Showbiz Simon Says 15 July 2016

Shawn Levy talks his Starman remake, Sigourney Weaver on Neill Blomkamp’s Alien movie and Javier Bardem up for Universal’s Frankenstein movie plus lots more...

Sky Box Sets: Highlights for July and August

Sky Box Sets brings you addictively good shows right to your living room, ready to binge-watch when it suits you.


The Ultimate (Chocolate) Box Set

Celebrated chocolatier Paul A Young has teamed up with Sky Box Sets to create nine limited-edition chocolates, each of which takes its inspiration from TV shows

Slammer Jabber 14 July 2016

This week we look at Raw, the draft, the build-up to Battleground, NXT, and much more. That's right, it's your weekly dose of Slammer Jabber...

Collective hits $1m indie developer funding milestone

Square Enix Collective has now helped raise more than $1 million through crowdfunding for indie developers – and you’ll be able to play the fruits of that effort soon

Showbiz Simon Says 8 July 2016

Star Trek gets its first gay character, Danny McBride talks Alien: Covenant, The Warriors gets a TV makeover, a question mark over The Goonies 2 and much more....


Small-Screen Jabber 9-15 July

There's colourful new dramas with Red Rock and Shades of Blue, A British Crime Story. Paul O'Grady on Movie Musicals and some big sports finals at Wimbledon and Euro 2016

The Man Who Fell To Earth. Again

The Bowie / Roeg art-house cult classic The Man Who Fell To Earth gets a shiny new reissue for its 40th anniversary