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Small-Screen Jabber 14-20 May

Channel 4’s latest offering is Locked Up, a Spanish 16-part series set in a women’s prison, which picked up awards in its homeland

Showbiz Simon Says 13 May 2016

Ryan Gosling’s been talking about his involvement in the Blade Runner sequel and says he’s very excited about it...

Small-Screen Jabber 7-13 May

Damian Lewis plays wealthy hedge-fund manager and 9/11 survivor Bobby Axelrod in the drama Billions...


Another 10 Alternative Christmas Movies

Here are 10 more films that won’t be on the usual Christmas movies watch list


10 Alternative Christmas Movies

Check out Screenjabber’s list of 10 alternative Christmas films that might put a bit of festive spirit back in your stockings

A brief history of San Diego Comic-Con

Most of us will, by now, know San Diego Comic-Con as the place where the cast of The Avengers first got together as a group, or where Tom Hiddleston came...

Who should be the first female Doctor?

With Doctor Who celebrating its 50th birthday in 2013, isn't it about time to make him a her? There are rumours – denied by the BBC – that Matt Smith...

Top 10 psycho teen girl movies

To mark the Blu-ray release of Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures, we take a look back at other films which feature psychotic young girls gone wild ...

The importance of Psycho

Adam Stephen Kelly tells us how, 50 years ago, Psycho changed the horror film forever ...