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Sky Box Sets: Highlights for July and August

Sky Box Sets brings you addictively good shows right to your living room, ready to binge-watch when it suits you.


The Ultimate (Chocolate) Box Set

Celebrated chocolatier Paul A Young has teamed up with Sky Box Sets to create nine limited-edition chocolates, each of which takes its inspiration from TV shows

Slammer Jabber 14 July 2016

This week we look at Raw, the draft, the build-up to Battleground, NXT, and much more. That's right, it's your weekly dose of Slammer Jabber...

Collective hits $1m indie developer funding milestone

Square Enix Collective has now helped raise more than $1 million through crowdfunding for indie developers – and you’ll be able to play the fruits of that effort soon

Showbiz Simon Says 8 July 2016

Star Trek gets its first gay character, Danny McBride talks Alien: Covenant, The Warriors gets a TV makeover, a question mark over The Goonies 2 and much more....


Small-Screen Jabber 9-15 July

There's colourful new dramas with Red Rock and Shades of Blue, A British Crime Story. Paul O'Grady on Movie Musicals and some big sports finals at Wimbledon and Euro 2016

The Man Who Fell To Earth. Again

The Bowie / Roeg art-house cult classic The Man Who Fell To Earth gets a shiny new reissue for its 40th anniversary

Slammer Jabber 7 July 2016

Another crazy seven days in the wrestling world – this week we deal with Raw, TNA's Final Deletion, UFC 200, and much much more


Small-Screen Jabber 2-8 July

Note: Schedules continue to be heavily disrupted this week on BBC1 and ITV depending on which Euro 2016 matches get shown.

Showbiz Simon Says 1 July 2016

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson work on a secret project, Wreck-It Ralph 2 is confirmed, Ansel Elgort linked to Dungeons & Dragons and more...