Could PUBG be bigger than CS:GU?

could pubg be bigger than csgu 2017 embed1Mention eSports and you will probably think of League of Legends, Call of Duty, and of course the Daddy of them all, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The latter in particular, has launched the world of eSports from a fringe hobby among gamers to a mainstream activity with live coverage, a growing fanbase and online betting.

But there is another game that could be bigger than all of them – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has reached two million concurrent players, leaving CG:GO and even Dota 2 standing. Just how much bigger will it get?

eSports profile is on the up

The eSports sector has seen steady and consistent growth over the past year, with ever more interest from online casinos and sports betting sites. This sector is experiencing stepwise growth with eSports, and a look at shows that new sites appear practically every day. More and more of these sites are now offering eSports betting opportunities.

It is not just the betting sites that have raised the profile of eSports, however. Live streaming on platforms like Twitch brings the latest events to a wide audience and ESPN has led the way with TV coverage, a trend that is now being followed by other broadcasters.

The rise of PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can best be described as “last man standing” shooter in which players arrive on an island and have to fight others using whatever weapons, armour and other tools they can find. Each round starts with 100 players, but there can be only one winner.

The game was created by 41 year old Brendan Greene, whose rags to riches tale could form the basis of a Sims-type game in its own right. Three years ago he was living on income support in his native Ireland and being told to stop wasting time on gaming and find a job. Today, he is one of the most successful men in the business.

could pubg be bigger than csgu 2017 embed2However, he has remained firmly grounded, despite his new-found wealth. He told reporters that aside from a weakness for designer sunglasses, he is not a big spender and is simply comfortable with the fact that he can take care of his family and he no longer has to “worry about where the next meal is coming from.”

Will PUBG be the next big eSport game?

We mentioned some of the most popular eSports games earlier, and there are some common factors that can be immediately noticed. All have a sizeable and loyal player base, a stable client, a good spectator interface, and most important of all, a game that is well balanced. So how does PUGB stack up?

The player base speaks for itself, and while the client experienced some glitches in the early stages, it has improved quickly and steadily. As for balance, some critics argue that there is still too much left to chance and the random number generator, but again, this improves with every update.

Once these aspects have been further refined, the developers are likely to look closer at the spectator side. When we reach that point, do not be surprised to see PUBG featuring large in the eSport framework.

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