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Starbuck gets the Hollywood treatment - this time it's Vaughn as the downtrodden schlub who discovers he's fathered 533 children. Thankfully though, the motor mouthed star is on disciplined form here. His rapid talking schtick is kept in abeyance as he goes through his paces developing life lessons in encountering his offspring. They're all young adults now - the result of sperm donations 20 years ago that were more liberally used than he first thought. 142 of them start a lawsuit to discover who their father is - while he wrestles with the dilemma of making his real identity known to them.

The humour derives from his efforts to be a caring benefactor in getting to know a few of his offspring, much to the chagrin of his best pal Pratt, a harried father of four while trying to be his concerned and pragmatic lawyer. Vaughn is most personable in adopting subterfuge when encountering the various individuals he has sired.

It's a sugar coated light comedy, instantly forgettable but very pleasing. One is grateful that it steers clear of gross out antics and lightly skates over sentimentality. A minor effort to be sure, but it can't fail to charm you on a rainy afternoon.

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Mark Brennan

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