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doctor strange 2016 movie imax preview embed3On the evening of Monday October 11, at the Swiss Cottage Odeon IMAX cinema in north-west London, a few select members of the press and general public were invited to watch 15 minutes of preview footage of Marvel’s next big bet, Doctor Strange.

Talking about "bets", however, wouldn’t be fair considering how much effort Marvel has put in to the realisation of this intriguing new instalment within its Cinematic Universe. The choice of the main actor was somehow courageous and well-planned: Benedict Cumberbatch, well-known actor from Sherlock and the Oscar winning film The Imitation Game, seems to perfectly fit the role thanks to his abilities and his appearance.

He came up to the stage right before the event to discuss his role in the movie and some other interesting stuff.

doctor strange 2016 movie imax preview embed1Asked about how he ended up being involved in the project he said: “At the time of Marvel’s original pitch, my main query was: how does this man fit into the 21st century?”

Doctor Strange deals with many interesting beliefs about humanity and spirituality: “This is still an incredibly important journey for any of us to go on the idea of how your mind can reshape your reality,” Cumberbatch said. “And this is pretty much what we have filmed, this man’s journey from a material world to a much more spiritual one."

Researching and acquiring knowledge of the character were big parts of Cumberbatch’s preparation for the role: “I really delved into the comic book. There are many stories on which this movies was based on and I just talked and talked with Scott (Derrickson, the movie’s director), I just tried to immerse myself in what was it about.”

doctor strange 2016 movie imax preview embed2Cumberbatch himself pointed out how the storyboard of the movie was so crucial to the plot. As he stated, it is paramount to the organisation of the whole Marvel franchise since this movie is going to introduce new concepts like parallel universes that will affect future instalment.

Speaking about the preview itself, it was like a longer version of a trailer. It included scenes from the previous life of the character, how he started gaining his powers and a bit of showing off of great battle scenes around the buildings of Manhattan.

The general feeling after the preview was that Doctor Strange has serious potential of being the Winter Soldier of Phase 3 within the MCU. Terrific special effects accompany what appears to be an intriguing plot and our impression was that many of the new concepts that this movie will introduce are going to be pivotal within the development of the next Marvel movies.

doctor strange 2016 movie imax preview embed4

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