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Fallout 4: Automatron DLC review

Automatron is the first downloadable content (DLC) for the highly successful Fallout 4, and provides a number of story based missions, new equipment, enemies, companions and items for your settlements.

The story is based around the arrival in the Commonwealth, the main setting of Fallout 4, of comic book villain the Mechanist. After you come across a battle between a group of merchants and a group of cobbled-together robot minions of the Mechanist, you are asked by the survivors to help track down the mastermind behind the attacks.

The story missions are not particularly long but introduce a small number of new locations, a new robot-obsessed raider gang called the Rust Devils, and helps flesh out the story behind some of the robots of the Fallout world and the companies which designed and built them. It's the kind of story which fans will love but is also engrossing enough to keep newer players entertained. The story missions aren't overly-long and last about two hours if played at a gentle pace.

The main aspect of the DLC is the ability to create, modify and customise robot companions from parts of the standard Fallout robots. Want to cobble together a Sentry Bot's wheels, a Robobrain's head and a Mr Handy's arms? No problem. Need extra help with lock picking, terminal hacking or keeping allies health during combat? Just upload the specialisation to your new creation.

The entire process is very easy and well balanced allowing you to build a companion which suits your needs and play style. And if you're not a fan of playing with a companion, you can always send your creations to one of your settlements to provide an extra pair or hands, or grippers, to the inhabitants. Lastly, a number of new robot related weapons and armour are included as well as settlement items to allow you to create and use your new creations.

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As well as featuring in the story missions, the Rust Devils remain in the game as random encounters, adding more variety to the base game and providing a source of robot parts to allow you to continue to create weird and wonderful creations!

Although not a particularly substantial DLC pack, Automatron provides what most fans have been crying out for; more Fallout 4 content. The story is enjoyable and the addition of the Rust Devils, the robot customisation and new items, while best slotted into the main story, provide enough to encourage those which have completed it to return to the Commonwealth.

DLC reviewed on Xbox One

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