Guns For Hire review

A loner assassin called Beatle (Michelle Hicks) finds herself questioned by the police following a job in which she befriends a girl in trouble Athena (Ever Carradine) who puts a hit out on herself, promising her life insurance as future payment. But things get complicated when Athena needs a place to stay and someone else is out to get the two women, a man who has been blackmailed one too many times.

guns for hire 2015 DVD packshotIt’s an odd movie, and perhaps won’t find it’s niche easily. It’s meant to be a black comedy, but it feels like everyone is playing it seriously, like some kind of trashy crime drama. Beatle, the assassin and tow truck driver, is so bland. I can’t figure out if the actress is trying to be flat or just can’t act. She bursts into the office of her shrink on several occasions, at which point he acts like she’s a loose cannon, which is odd, since she isn’t really. And she has odd lesbian sex scenes with a prostitute which defy the female anatomy, and in which she displays very little emotion. She and Athena are more like the lesbians guys fantasise about than real people or characters who have feelings.

It’s not a bad movie, in a lot of ways, it’s just that I couldn’t really figure it out. It seems a bit like something Pamela Anderson would have starred in back in the 90’s, but it has some pretty good actors in it, like Ben Mendelsohn and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and it has little touches that make you feel like it’s a satire or meant to be about something, like the times when Beatle feels uncomfortable about getting close to people, or that her shrink doesn’t believe she’s really a hitman. (Hitperson?)

Though the two central women aren’t really convincing or terribly good actresses, at least in this film, and I wonder if that’s partly the point? It feels like the kind of film that might find a cult following over time, and though it’s no Coen brothers, it has a kind of awkward playfulness that is amusing.

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