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Headline is a delightful classic about a reporter called Brooksie (Farrar), who is following leads to find a woman who witnessed a murder, but when the missing witness turns out to be his bosses wife, it’s a race against time to find the killer before he frames her.

headline 1943 DVDBrooksie is a great character, all funny dialogue and flirting with the girls in his office, but he shows more smarts and substance when he chooses to protect his bosses wife, Margaret (Cellier). She has gotten herself into the situation of falling into the arms of a villain when her husband ignores her, and witnessed her paramour murdering his other girlfriend before blackmailing her. Brooksie chooses to throw the story over, making him look unprofessional, in order to protect a woman who he feels made a mistake, and saves her marriage in the process.

It’s lovely to see a British film from the 1940s restored and in all its glory like this, and although Headline is a lesser-known classic, it’s a real gem. It has all the classic newspaper drama tropes, from the snappy dialogue between the guy and his girl, the crime that only our hero can solve, and an editor who bites everyone’s head off but is also a lovable father figure to the papers office. And of course, a damsel in distress.

There’s not a great deal of background about this film out there, and if you’re hoping that this DVD will give you an insight, you’ll be disappointed to know that the only extras you’ll get are a gallery. But that said, this is a delight, a little piece of British film history, with its humour and crime plot still fresh that over time would become newsroom drama staples.

Headline is well worth a look.

EXTRAS: There is an Image Gallery included, which you can play as a slide show, but that's it. 

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