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>It always seems unfair to compare animation houses such as DreamWorks and Blue Sky to the powerhouse that is Pixar. Pixar basically invented the format with their shorts in the 80s and then the smash-hit Toy Story in 1995. And Pixar has almost never put a foot wrong since, while DreamWorks has really only had big success with the Shrek, “Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon films. Now comes Home, the charming tale of an alien "invasion" of Earth, and while it's far from a stinker, it never quite manages to reach Pixar heights.

The Boov are a weird race of little purple aliens (that can change colour according to their emotions) who move from planet to planet to evade their enemy, the Gorg. They excel at running away from danger and come to Earth to hide, moving the human inhabitants to camps in deserted parts of the planet and taking over the cities. But one teenage girl, Gratuity "Tip" Tucci (Rhianna) is overlooked, and she befriends the outcast Boov Oh (Parsons) in an effort to find her mother and save the planet.

It's a simplistic plot, which makes it perfect for the kids, but adults will probably want a little more depth. That said, it's a sweet and charming tale with standout voicework from both Parsons and Rhianna (who also has a few songs in the film). As with all CGI animated films now, it looks wonderful - computer animation gets better and better each year. And again, the 3D works well. The film's overall message is simple - that those who appear to be misfits can often turn out to be heroes - and the humour is a little on the childish side. But as family-friendly films go, Home has plenty of heart.here

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