How Realistic Is Virtual 3D Horse Racing Really?

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How Realistic Is Virtual 3D Horse Racing Really?

Horse racing is enjoyed by millions of people around the world on a regular basis, with action taking place daily. Over the years it’s become that popular that we want to get even closer to the action than ever before and this has seen numerous virtual horse racing games produced. One of those which really stands out is Virtual 3D Horse Racing, which promises to deliver a truly authentic experience.

The first question everyone will have is whether this game delivers in the realism stakes and the answer is, yes, it certainly does. You immediately get that authentic horse racing feel with the game and this helps to make it an immersive proposition, especially for those who are looking to replicate the experience they enjoy when it comes to placing bets and then watching the action live.

how realistic is virtual 3d horse racing really september 2018 blogpost embed1Just as a horse racing fan would do in real life, there’s the opportunity to study the runners in a race before it begins. The stats include things such as form, giving punters the chance to work out which of the racers have the best chance of winning. Once a player has decided on which horse, or horses, they’d like to back, they can go ahead and place bets using virtual money. The betting types available are very realistic too, with singles, place bets and more available; just as if anyone was betting with any reputable betting brand, Unibet for example.

Then it’s on to the action, with the race beginning. Again, the game provides an authentic experience and you quickly get sucked into what’s unfolding on screen. You’re watching the race just as you would be if you were sat at home watching it live on tv, with the camera angles perfectly covering the action. There’s also a nifty slow-motion feature for when the runners cross the finish line, ideal if the horse someone has backed is involved in a neck and neck race.

In many respects, you could say that this game has it all, making it the vest virtual horse racing game out there right now by some way. There’s a great simplicity about the game, making it ideal for those who may not be experienced when it comes to horse racing. It’s pick up and play at its finest, but that doesn’t mean it’s no packed with superb features too, which help to deliver a fun and highly attractive mobile game for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

The real time 3D graphics and virtual 3D sound system, alongside the HD support for retina display, ensure the game not only sounds good but looks good too, and this is a huge plus in modern day mobile gaming. Developer Natenai Ariyatrakool has really managed to strike the right balance between the game looking great, sounding great, having in-depth features such as allowing form to be studied, as well as providing an authentic horse racing experience. The latter is what has propelled this game to the top of the pile though and it its biggest selling point.

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