Hummingbird (aka Redemption) review

This one offers a slight change of pace for Statham. He still does his hard man act but Hummingbird (released as Redemption in the US) is of a more thoughtful and intriguing nature than his usual shoot-em-ups. It makes extensive use of London's Soho district as his character Joey, a former soldier turned homeless vagrant, assumes the identity of a rich guy who lives in a swanky flat. He's determined to find his friend, a young girl lost to a prostitution racket, while acting as an enforcer to a Chinese syndicate. He also strikes up a relationship with a sympathetic Eastern European nun (Buzek) who offers him assistance.

It's all highly improbable but very watchable. Writer Knight makes a confident stab of his movie directorial debut. Though there'a a certain aimlessness to the narrative, he keeps it all bubbling along in an entertaining fashion. There are action scenes of course, all capably handled, but they are not the be-all and end-all of this effort, Time is given to character development too which the performers efficiently carry off. Statham is as stalwart as ever, while Buzek almost manages to persuade you of her mightily unconvincing role. It's a thankless part in some respects but she is persuasive as the caring nun.

Hummingbird has its flaws, and will be swiftly dismissed by certain toffee-nosed critics, but it's a well made and engaging tale that achieves what it sets out to do without fuss and without pretension. A meat and potatoes affair that is worth your time.

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