Ibiza Undead review

Billing itself as the Inbetweeners meets Shawn of the Dead, Ibiza Undead follows 3 British teenagers who are out on the razz in sunny Ibiza.

In this world, zombies are a known and well-maintained fact of life and Ibiza, being an island, is one of the safest holiday destinations in Europe. Our three oiks are out for sun, sex and sangria but little do they know, shit is about to get real. 

The shit I’m referring to is a zombie infestation. This movie is cheap, foul-mouthed and really stupid, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The bad thing is that it’s seldom funny and just when it is on the precipice of making me laugh it turns shit. The dialogue is for the most part woeful. It’s like all of the gags the Inbetweeners thought weren’t good enough became sentient and slithered their filthy slime-covered bodies into this script.

All of this horrible dialogue is woodenly… no… medium density fiberboardly delivered by what seems to be an amateur group of actors. The stand out among them is Ed Kear who, by design, had the only lines that made me chuckle. 

The funny thing is, there a couple of times I found myself getting into the movie. I could feel the atrophied smiling muscles of my face spring to life but these were followed by scenes that seemed to go nowhere.

If I was 12 I probably would have shit myself laughing, but I’m not 12 (externally at least) and I found this lame.

EXTRAS: None to speak of. So take the time to enjoy your actual life. Walk the dog, look at the sunset, eat pizza naked. Treat yourself.

Daniel Akinbola is a Screenjabber contributor

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