James Bond 25 Gets a Release Date and Packs Surprises Beyond Car Chases and Casino Scenes

James Bond fans are in for a great treat in 2019, as the upcoming 25th film of the popular franchise finally got an official release date. We’ll get another chance to enjoy the greatest British spy of all time portrayed by Daniel Craig in a movie that will undoubtedly have a few of the usual tropes that keep the audience happy, like suspenseful poker games, mysterious femme fatales and ruthless villains – but according to leaks, it will also upset some of the usual clichés about Bond.

Bond 25 to Hit the Theaters in Fall 2019

Titled Bond 25 for now, the movie is set to be released on October 29, 2019 in the UK and then on November 8, 2019 in the US. It was also confirmed that production will begin in December this year. This is a milestone movie for the Bond universe, as Daniel Craig reprises the role that he first played in 2006 with the legendary Casino Royale, which saw 007 take on an international terrorism financier known as Le Chiffre. The culmination of their battle to outwit one another took place during a poker game in Montenegro, with an infamously high buy in of $10 million – significantly higher than the usual deposit required in land-based and online casinos for us mere mortals.

spectre 2015 movie featuredCraig Returns as 007 in Fifth Movie after Casino Royale

Bond is a famously skilled poker player – and is generally good at holding a poker face – so we can assume that he is well-versed in modern variants of poker such as those mentioned online when describing William Hill’s casino, such as Pai Gow and Red Dog poker. We can even assume that considering that, he's also skilled at video poker. In the Casino Royale original novel by Ian Fleming, Bond plays Chemin de Fer (a version of baccarat), but the storyline of the film version opted for a traditional Texas Hold ‘Em game that initially saw him lose before he made a strong comeback to win the final hand of $115 million. After establishing himself in Casino Royale, Craig played Bond again in 2008 for Quantum of Solace, in no. 23 Skyfall in 2012 and then in Spectre just three years ago. This will be his fifth movie as 007 and there are rumors that Craig wishes to retire after that.

Bond Finally Ties the Knot?

The new Bond movie will see the return of Léa Seydoux as Bond’s girl – but with a plot twist, according to leaks from a few months ago. Apparently, 007 is finally settling down and tying the knot. In a surprise move for the infamously flirty spy, he quits MI6 to enjoy some marriage bliss. But because this is Bond after all, his wife gets killed by the villains and he sets off to avenge her untimely death. Bond’s wedding sounds like an appropriate treat for a milestone movie like no. 25, so it is easy to imagine that there might be some truth to the rumors.

Danny Boyle is set to direct the movie, which is always good news, so we might be in for a good old action-packed 007 movie that keeps the Bond myth alive – even with a few twists and turns before we get there.

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