John Dies At The End review (Blu-ray)

Based on the David Wong novel of the same name, John Dies At The End is one of those films that some will adore and some will despise.

The film is primarily told in flashback in an Interview With A Vampire sort of way as David (Williamson) recalls stories of paranormal investigation with buddy John (Mayes). As we progress through David’s story we meet some interesting characters while some are just throwaway as well as an obscene amount of Ray Harryhausen inspired effects.

There a motions of a better film and the ending is lacklustre but the acting is solid, particularly from the relatively unknown lead and the always strong Giamatti.

This a pure example of why the cult film is becoming more of a genre as opposed to a movement. John Dies At The End features so many anti-mainstream idiosyncrasies that it becomes one itself.

EXTRAS ★★★ Featured on the disc are a full-length commentary with cast and crew; a trailer (1:51); and an effects featurette called Creature Corps (8:21), which rather interestingly dissects the practical effects featured in the film. Also featured are casting sessions, delving into the auditions for the primary characters (7:09); a short behind-the-scenes featurette calle Getting Sauced (6:37) and a interesting interview with Giamatti, who also acted as a producer for the film (9:30). Finally, there are seven deleted scenes which, instead of being able to select each individually, you have to watch one to get to the next.

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