Knight and Day review (Blu-ray)

Knight and Day is a bright and breezy romp that never takes itself seriously - and nor should you. Ignore all those po-faced critics that have dismissed it as boring, tiresome trash - it's a fast-moving and likeable action comedy that is wholly inconsequential and good fun.

Cruise plays Roy Miller, the smooth talking secret agent who has gone rogue, out to help his unfortunate pal (Dano) and protect the plot's macguffin, a capsule that his former superiors, including renegade operative Sarsgaard, are set on acquiring. He's unwittingly accompanied in all his adventures by June Havens (Diaz), a ditsy blonde he encounters at an airport in Kansas. She initially fails to notice that he has knocked out the few passengers on their plane and ends up sharing his adventures, be that a car chase in Boston, a helicopter attack on Roy's exotic hideaway, a rooftop skirmish in Salzburg and trampling bulls in Seville.

All these action set pieces, utterly ridiculous as they are, are done with sure-footed aplomb and the two leads keep one engaged throughout. They're both completely winning and though one never feels that there's anything truly at stake in their escapades, the telling is colourful and genial enough to keep on entertained. Yes, it's disposable and quickly forgotten, but for a couple of hours it's a most agreeable way to spend your time and Cruise and Diaz are amiable company. Undemanding to be sure, but very enjoyable.

EXTRAS ★★★ As well as an extended version of the film, as well as the theatrical cut, the bonus features include: Wilder Knights and Crazier Days, a 12-minute featurette with cast and crew interview snippets and behind-the-scenes footage; Boston Days and Spanish Knights (8 minutes) details the exotic loacations where the film was shot; two viral videos (Soccer, and Kick) made during the promotion of the film; two three-minute promotional mini-featurettes; a look behind the scenes of a video shoot for Someday, the song The Black Eyed Peas produced for the film; the theatrical trailer. Plus, you get a DVD copy of the film, and a digital copy for your smartphone or netbook.

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