Lady in White: Director’s Cut (DVD)

Lady in WhiteFrankie (Haas) is locked in his school cloakroom on Hallowe’en and sees the ghost of a girl murdered ten years ago. Then, the man who murdered her appears and tries to kill him too. Barely surviving the attack, Frankie sets about solving the mystery which seems to be linked to the local legend of the "Lady in White".

As supernatural chillers goes this isn’t exactly a classic. Most famous for his role in Witness (1985), Haas reprises his little-boy-lost performance in this 1988 film and is equally watchable and sympathetic. The story isn’t bad either, although it does feel rather made for TV, something not helped by the low production values. These are especially apparent at some of the key moments of the film when "blue screen" special effects are used. The problem is that they’re so poorly done (by today’s standards and possibly even those of 20 years ago) that they detract hugely from what little tension there is.

Lady in White is largely predictable and none too scary which is a something of failing for a mystery ghost story. In fact, the biggest mystery is why this is rated 15 as it’s unlikely to give adults chills and young children shouldn’t be able to see it. Not a total disaster, just a bit "meh".

EXTRAS * Director’s introduction to feature; Behind the scenes with director’s intro; Deleted Scenes with director’s intro; Trailer; Audio commentary. Nothing too exciting here, although it has to be said that Frank LaLoggia is an intriguing shade of orange.

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