Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out review (DVD)

Say what you like about George Lucas, but it's clear that the man has a sense of humour. How else to explain him giving the nod to the three wonderful Family Guy sendups of his Star Wars films? And now we have this very, very funny Lego spoof, which he must have also (thankfully) given the OK to.

The Lego Star Wars video games are nothing short of brilliant (in fact, all the Lego video games are outstanding), and Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out continues with the blocky jocularity. It's certainly more kid-friendly than the Family Guy parodies, but it's just as hilarious as they are.

The story is a bit all over the place. It seems to be set somewhere between Episodes IV (A New Hope) and V (The Empire Strikes Back) but elements from the prequels crop up. The planet of Nabu features, as does the awful Jar Jar Binks (thankkfully, it's just a cameo). Darth Maul too features heavily, and there seems to be a bit of sibbling (Sithling?) rivalry going on with him and Darth Vader for the affections of the evil Emperor.

The jokes come thick and fast. The computer animation is lovely. John Williams' music is present, as it should be. The characters, vehicles and spaceships go to pieces (literally) when attacked. Han shoots first. BRIAN BLESSED is in it! Well, his voice is, anyway. The only downside is that at 22 minutes, you're just getting into it when it's over. I think there's enough potential here for a feature-length version.


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