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What's happened to American indie movies? In the '90s they were great - perceptive, sharp and engaging. Only rarely are they so nowadays. Lola Versus certainly doesn't reverse this downward trend. It's a self-indulgent dramedy of relationship angst that is by turns annoying, irritating and boring.

Gerwig – when is she going to find a worthy project for her talents? – plays 29-year-old Lola, about to get hitched to her beau Luke (Kinnaman). He, however, gets cold feet about the impending marriage and dumps her. The rest of the movie comprises of Lola's constant whining and increasingly erratic behaviour as she comes to terms with singledom. She makes out with her best friend Henry (Linklater), gets very drunk in a strip joint, sleeps with a guy (Bachrach) she meets at her local bakery and generally is so self absorbed and tiresome that it is a mystery why anyone gives her time and sympathy.

Pullman and Winger as her parents do so but their talents are rarely utilised - typical of this dire effort that remains resolutely charmless. It strives for a lighthearted air that never comes across and its attempts at more psychologically nuanced drama fall completely flat. Awful.

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