Midgets vs Mascots review

Warning: make sure your brain is definitely switched to the off setting as you sit down to gaze at this raunchy, offensive mockumentary. But whatever you do, this Jackass inspired tale should not be instantly dismissed. Even though this film tries to draw in the lowest common denominator, it does produce a very mixed bag with a few really funny moments. Some of the wit and one-liners used in this film were genuinely amusing as well as the creative tasks that the contestants were forced to participate in.

The plot, a cross between Brewster’s Millions and Takeshi’s Castle, involves a midget mascot and porn star "Big Red" who passes away, leaving a video will to his arrogant wife and spoilt son. They have to arrange a contest and coach two competing teams, Midgets and Mascots. These teams are to battle each other in a range of violent, wacky, gross-out games with the winning team claiming $10 million.  Hilarity ensues as the teams travel around the state, guided by Big Red's assistant, Deng, competing in events such as milk chugging, alligator wrestling and my personal favourite, "play poker while being charged by an angry bull".

Coleman, in his final performance, has a surprisingly large role throughout the film as part of the midget team – but unfortunately, as with most gags in the film, he resorts to violence far too often. I can’t help but feel that his talent was largely wasted in this instance. A lot of the dialogue works well – particularly with the interaction between the two groups – and some of the physical humour is very entertaining, but far too often the jokes delve to a base humour, such as the stereotypical, embarrassing portrayal of Deng. But even with all the politically incorrect and risque humour, the film does have a heart and is a fun ride throughout.

The plot just has enough creativity to see the film to the end, but it stumbles a little at the final hurdle. The ending feels a little rushed to ensure that the appropriate people receive their reward or comeuppance. I did finish this film smiling and was impressed at what was achieved with a small budget and a few talented comedians. One thing is certain, though – this film is not for everyone, but will be hugely appreciated by the Hangover crowd.

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